I’m a Canadian girl who is passionate about healthy living and making delicious recipes that help you feel incredible. By eating a whole and nutrient-dense diet, undergoing a candida cleanse and getting serious about my self-care, I’ve been able to heal from my digestive issues, struggles with mental health and hormonal imbalances.

Hi! I'm Annie

This passion led me to attend Western University in London, Ontario, where I earned my degree in Health Science. It’s been a couple of years since I graduated (okay, maybe closer to a decade), but it was here that my journey to wellness truly began.

During my studies, I began to uncover that the symptoms I’d been struggling with for over a decade were actually digestive issues, which were directly linked to my mental health and wellbeing. Through the years, I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances and IBS. Luckily, I’ve found ways to maintain my health, focus on healing and enjoy every step of my journey. I explored how different foods impacted my gut health, found success with the candida diet, practised meditation and discovered holistic ways of healing my anxiety and depression. But most importantly, I learned to trust my gut and fuel my mind, body and soul with what it needed. Surprisingly, it wasn’t always what I expected.

I created this blog over 6 years ago while I was still completing my degree to connect with women who were just like me: ambitious about every aspect of life, wanting to explore healthy living, and looking for ways to feel incredible while navigating the ups and downs of women’s health. Since then, I’ve truly changed my life by prioritizing myself and my health. To this day, I love to create and share delicious recipes that are filled with flavour and incredible health benefits (with vegan recipe substitutions) so you can feel better physically and mentally!

I always dreamed of becoming a naturopath and was so passionate about helping others cure their mind and body using a holistic approach.

My Wellness Journey


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A Few of My Favourite Things

I believe in nurturing your body with the essential resources it needs to thrive. I’m here to share my story, the things that worked for me and the things that didn’t, how I hope to overcome my hormonal imbalances through the candida diet and what I look forward to trying as I work toward healing my mental health and digestion to inspire you to do the same. 

By sharing my story, I hope to help fellow goddesses feel empowered on their wellness journey, too. Health is not a destination: it’s a journey, and I’m so excited to be a part of yours. Life is beautiful and so are you — so I’m here to help you feel that way!

Through delicious recipes, healthy habits and emotional, physical and spiritual wellness

I’m Passionate About Helping Women Connect to Their Inner Goddess

Through my own wellness journey, I discovered that gut health is directly linked to mental health and wellbeing. I’m here to help you walk the path toward physical and mental wellness, so sign up to receive everything you need to kickstart your healing journey!

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