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Hi! I'm Annie

I help women connect to their inner goddess, create delicious meals and walk the journey towards emotional, physical and spiritual wellness

I’m a Canadian girl who is passionate about enjoying every moment life has to offer. By creating healthy recipes, connecting to my inner power and learning to enjoy the precious things in life through my mindfulness journey, I am sharing my story as I work to heal my digestive issues, struggles with mental health and hormonal imbalances to create the life of my dreams. By sharing my journey to improving my mental and gut health, I’m here to help you walk the path to wellness with delicious recipes, healthy habits and more! 


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I believe that everyone has an inner goddess just waiting to shine! Head over to my podcast, Power to Thrive, and subscribe for weekly episodes on how you can rediscover your power within. Get ready to thrive in all aspects of your life!

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Through my own wellness journey, I discovered that gut health is directly linked to mental health and wellbeing. I’m here to help you walk the path toward physical and mental wellness, so sign up to receive everything you need to kickstart your healing journey! 

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