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I’m an honest, real girl who loves to create delicious recipes and try new things that promote health and wellbeing. There is nothing I love more than finding incredible ingredients, resources and supplies that improve my readers' wellness journey! I want to share the things that have worked for me to help women heal their minds and digestive health. If you have a product, service or resource to help women on their health and wellness journey, we’d be the perfect fit.

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I’m a Canadian girl who is passionate about health and making delicious healthy recipes that help you feel incredible. By eating a whole and nutrient-dense diet, undergoing a candida cleanse and getting serious about my self-care, I’ve been able to heal from my digestive issues, struggles with mental health and hormonal imbalances. By sharing my journey to improving my mental and gut health, I’m here to help you walk the path to wellness with delicious recipes, healthy habits and more!

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My community has had enough of yo-yo dieting and is ready to commit to a balanced lifestyle to better their mental and physical health. When women first find my blog, they’re experiencing bloating and issues with their gut health and mental health. They’ve had enough of not feeling like their best selves and they’re ready to take back control of their lives by enjoying whole and nutrient-dense foods that heal them from the inside out. 

We don’t aim for perfection. Instead, we strive toward overall health and wellness that makes you feel like your best self. Trust me, I’ve lived it! I’m confident that my content will help so many women get back to living a life they love.

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Women Are Ready to Take Back Control of Their Lives


“Your post has been so helpful to me while I try to overcome and heal.”

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I came across your blog on Pinterest and I am so glad!! I think I have identified that I have a candida problem and I need to cleanse and heal myself! So, I am trying to pump myself up with the determination and courage to start a cleanse on the 15th of February. I am nervous because even though i don’t eat terribly now, I do love to eat everything that’s on the ‘no no’ list for candida!

Here’s what my readers are saying

Hear It For Yourself

Through my own wellness journey, I discovered that gut health is directly linked to mental health and wellbeing. I’m here to help you walk the path toward physical and mental wellness, so sign up to receive everything you need to kickstart your healing journey!

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