11 April 2020

Your Entire Candida Cleanse Ingredient List: Phase 2


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Hi everyone! Thanks for coming to check out my ingredient list for Phase 2 of the Candida Cleanse. A lot of people were interested in Phase 1 and the “pre” cleanse but I’m sure this is going to be a bigger hit. Instead of giving you a list of what you CAN eat, it’s probably easier to go through what you can’t. So here it is.

The Candida Cleanse is an intensive cleanse that focuses on killing yeast overgrowth within the body. Candida overgrowth is caused from sugars, processed foods and all that added "crap" we add in our foods & more. Starting the Candida Cleanse was life changing which is why, almost 7 years later I still try to cleanse at least once a year. The benefits that come from the candida cleanse are beyond incredible and it has changed my life for the better. 

Everyday, I try to watch the amount of sugar I consume. Unfortunately, sugar is EVERYWHERE. The other day I went to Starbucks to have a matcha late – thinking I was beating the system. After having my matcha late, I decided to check out the ingredients. Of course, filled with sugar. Pretty much, the only thing I can really consume at Starbucks on the candida cleanse are the herbal teas and some coffee (if you choose to have coffee). The candida cleanse is hard but once you start going through the phases you will see how much easier it really becomes and best of all, how incredible you will feel. Like I’ve said in my Candida Cleanse – Phase 1, the first two weeks are always the hardest where you’re battling the addictive phase. Once you get through that first hump, it’s smooth sailing from that point on (well, sort of).

Phase 2:

Phase 2 of the Candida Cleanse is a lot easier than the pre-cleanse and Phase 1. Why? Well, not only are you starting to add more foods into your diet but you’re starting to pass the withdrawal phase. Withdrawal is the worst part of any cleanse. This is usually where people fail during their cleanse. If you’re wanting to start a cleanse but don’t know where to begin, make sure to check out my post on How to Kill it on a Cleanse. It will provide you with many tips and tricks that will ensure you complete your cleanse properly! 

Phase 2 of the Candida Cleanse can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Depending on if you’re taking supplements and probiotics (which will help fight candida much quicker!). The only way to really know if you have fought off the candida overgrowth completely is by going to a naturopath and getting your blood taken. Other than that, it is simply by the way you feel. Have your systems gotten better? Is your brain fog gone? Has your insomnia gotten better? This is when you know your phase 2 has completed and you can start to introduce other things back into your diet. Ok.. so let’s talk about whats included in Phase 2. 

The Ingredients


This is when you introduce fruit back into your diet. Remember, fruit isn’t the enemy. Refined sugars are the enemy. Though the sugar in fruit is not refined and is actually good for you, it can feed the candida in your body. This is why cutting out fruit for the first two weeks is essential during a candida cleanse. That being said, though you are introducing fruit back into your diet, try to only consume two fruits a day. Fruits still contain sugar so you want to make sure you’re keeping it to a minimum. Click here, to read the fruits you CAN have during the first two weeks.

So, is there fruit you can’t have? Yes. A lot of dried fruits have added sugars in them and during Phase 2 of the candida cleanse, you must make sure that you are still cutting out all refined sugars. I personally haven’t ever seen dried fruit without added sugars. If you dry your own fruit and leave them as they are, you may eat dried fruits. If not, they must not be consumed as they will feed the candida.

Other fruits to avoid during Phase 2:

  • Banana’s
  • Dates
  • Rasins/Grapes
  • Fruit juices are NOT allowed
  • Mango


All vegetables can be eaten in Phase 2. That mean you can introduce carrots and mushrooms back into your diet. Making sure you’re still focusing on consuming at least 50% of green veggies into your diet. 

I love making smoothies and salads filled with vegetables. I find these two things really help carry me through the Candida Cleanse and hopefully, helps you too. 


Just like phase 1 of the Candida Cleanse, organic free-range meats are always recommended. During phase 2, it is still recommended to cut out any shell fish or canned fish. These tend to contain mercury or other harsh preservatives that can feed the candida in your body.

Nuts & Seeds

In phase 1, there was a really big focus on nuts and seeds to make sure you’re getting all those healthy fats. This is important when fighting candida. Make sure to continue focusing on consuming nuts and adding seeds whenever you can. But, it is important to make sure you are not going over board with this and you’re consuming the RIGHT kinds. One kind of seed you can introduce during Phase 2 is quinoa. It tastes like a carb but is in fact a seed.

On the other hand, there are some nuts you still must avoid. These three nuts are considered “mouldy” nuts and can increase the amount of candida growth in your system.

  • Peanuts
  • Pistachio
  • Cashew

What Can’t I Eat In Phase 2 Candida Cleanse?

And here is where all the fun begins… As much as I’d like to say that the hard part is over. Unfortunately, it is not. There is still a little ways to go before you have fought off the candida in your system. For some, this can take weeks and others, months.

Here is a list of the things you still CANNOT consume. 

  • Dairy – absolutely all dairy (cow, sheep & goats milk included).
  • Caffeine
  • Wheat, Barley, Rye, Spelt
  • Sugars & Sugar substitutes
  • Processed meats
  • All alcohol
  • Canola oil/ Soybean oil/ Sunflower oil
  • Margarine
  • Fake butter spreads

A couple essentials to add..

Like phase 1 of the candida cleanse, you need to make sure you’re not only eating the part but doing the part as well.

Here are some essentials during Phase 2 of the candida cleanse:

Probiotics – I take them every day. Here are a couple I recommend:

Peau D’arco – this is a really great tea I always incorporate into my cleanse to help fight off the candida. It is naturally caffeine free and filled with candida fighting agents. Here are a couple I suggest:

All in all..

Phase 2 of the Candida Cleanse tends to be a lot easier. You can consume quinoa and fruit, in moderation. You should start feeling a lot more focused and more determined on your cleanse. Unfortunately, it isn’t the end of the road. As candida overgrowth is something that can come back quickly so it’s important to take this cleanse seriously. Adding probiotics into your routine is ESSENTIAL. But, so is your mindset. Make sure to congratulate yourself along the way. Cleanses aren’t easy but they are rewarding.

Make sure to let me know how you like the cleanse and how you’re doing. I love hearing your feedback.

With love,

Annie B

  1. Jackie says:

    Have you made any changes over the years to your pre-cleanse phase? Trying to do a stricter cleanse for myself soon as directed even though been eating GF/DF and conscious of low sugar and processed food amt. overall for nearly 5 years since my 1st cleanse. Love your resources and recipe ideas.

  2. Eszter says:

    Finally there is a great post about How to Eat with Candida. I had this problem too and it is an important matter definitely. It is great that you wrote what we cannot consume, because it makes it easy just to start from there 🙂

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