30 August 2017

Creamy Avocado Lime Salad Dressing

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This is the creamiest, most delicious home made Avocado Lime Salad Dressing! Quick and easy to make, it is the perfect dressing for a veggie platter or a salad.

Creamy Salad Dressing

Did someone say dairy free dressing?

After days of trying to put together a creamy salad dressing that was dairy free and refined sugar-free, I have finally created one. With a little inspiration from dairy filled creamy avocado dressings, this healthy dressing was made!

I am all about checking your fridge and throwing together whatever you have in your pantry. There is nothing worse than letting good food get to waste.

Hence, my limes and avocados were starting to get on the older side so I knew I needed to make something with them soon.

I also have an amazing recipe I’ll be posting on Friday, that will be using this dressing! There are peaches and strawberries involved (yum).. but that’s all I can give away.

avocados for the dressing

Refined-Sugar Free!

Most homemade salad dressings tend to be refined-sugar free these days but store bought ones are horrible! I was reading the labels on a couple dressings in the grocery store the other day and was beyond shocked.

Why is there sugar in French salad dressing? And balsamic salad dressing?

Why do we need more sugar than we westernized people are already consuming?

I have officially started cutting out refined sugar and I feel amazing. It’s the little things like salad dressings that make the biggest difference. These are the places where sugar is hidden – salad dressings, drinks etc…

I personally think that refined-sugar is just as bad for you as drugs. It may seem dramatic but I will be making a post on my analogy of this. 

I know I’ve spoken about my one Professor in University a couple of times… The one who cut out refined-sugar and seems to be this unrealistically perfect human? Yes, her

Without a doubt, she is one of the people who has greatly influenced my decision on cutting out refined sugar. She had mentioned that it stimulates the same part of your brain as heroin – uh, red flag. 

There is nothing good that comes from refined sugar other than the taste which, becomes highly addictive. 

Now, enough of my refined sugar rant and a little more about this salad dressing. 

You can change… 

Personally, I don’t like my salad dressings to be too thick especially creamy dressings. I find it becomes too much of a sauce instead of a dressing.


I like my dressings soft and light. 

If you’re into a bit of a heavier dressing or would enjoy mixing this dressing in with some noodles, go ahead and add half of a medium avocado. The thickness would taste great in a pasta. Similar to a pesto.

Another idea is changing the coconut milk to heavy coconut cream. This will definitely make the dressing thicker and extra cream. But, It won’t be as healthy and could potentially be filled with sugar. 

Again, if you’re interested in getting a dressing that will be extra creamy maybe give it a go! 



creamy avocado lime dressing

Dressing used my Strawberry Peach Quinoa Dressing

Another wonderful salad to use this dressing in is my sweet potato quinoa salad! I love to mix and match my dressings and see how they taste. 

Depending on your taste buds, you may not be a total fan of the avocado creamy texture with sweet potato. Or you may not like sweet potatoes at all. But, if it sounds good to you let me know how you enjoyed the salad! I leave hearing your comments. 

All I can say is thank goodness for avocados. I really don’t know what my poor self would do without it. It is truly the best substitute for dairy! 

If it weren’t for the avocados my omelets would be stuffed with nothing. There would be nothing to enhance the taste. If you’re interested in knowing what I substitute dairy with, put a comment in down below! 



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