21 July 2018

Getting Back to “Healthy”


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Hi everyone!

It has been such a long time since I’ve gotten myself together and written a post. It’s been way too long actually – almost 5 months. Though I never intended on slipping away from the blogging world, I feel as though my life somewhat took a turn for the negative and I had found myself needing a much needed break from social media. I haven’t been exactly open on my blog when it comes to the things that have gone on this past year. I try to stay as positive as possible no matter what happens in life. Yet, this past year (8 months ago to be exact) I was suddenly hit with potentially the most tragic thing I had ever experienced and in the moment, felt as though what happened would be better off, left unsaid.

Unfortunately It wasn’t the easiest year for me. Between my best friend suddenly and unexpectedly passing away and having to move back home from Australia, I found myself depressed and in serious need of alone time. I found that these past two years of traveling lead me to a very busy (yet exciting) lifestyle. I was constantly working, traveling and meeting new people – it was great. But when life suddenly changed for the worst – finding out that my best friend had suddenly passed from a disease I barely knew anything about – I caved inside. I tried to push through and continued blogging for about 3 months. Once arrived back in Canada with all my family and friends, reality set in and my emotions were uncontrollable. I went though highs and many, many lows. Slowly I was realizing the toll grieving was taking on me.

From that point onward, I didn’t write a thing. I stopped logging into my computer and quite honestly, only wanted to spend time with my closest friends and my family. It’s not that I don’t love blogging or writing or cooking or anything like that… I just needed to isolate myself in order to fully grieve the loss of one of my best friends.

Now, it is summertime in the beautiful greater Toronto area. The sun is shinning, I am still grieving but emotionally, a lot stronger than I have been these past 8 months. It has taken a lot in me to get back on here and write exactly what has been going on this past little while. I haven’t really ever been that open on my blog but truly felt that my readers needed to hear the truth. Where had I gone for almost 5 months? Now looking back, I feel like an email or a quick post explaining my situation would have probably been the better route but I can’t change the past. Now going forward, I intend on being a lot more open with you all and showing you a different side of me.

This is just a short yet honest message that I felt needed to be posted onto my blog. Now looking forward, I’m excited to share with you my new recipes and adventures. I have always wanted a more lifestyle based blog, which I’ve decided I will be focusing on. This week I will be off to Montreal, Canada for the Just for laughs festival and then a beautiful cottage weekend with my friends. I have so many exciting things I plan on posting on my blog, so please say tuned there is a lot to come. For those of you who still come on my blog, thank you <3.

Lots of love,

Annie Brioux



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