8 September 2017

The Perfect Morning Fat Burning Smoothie

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The Ultimate fat burning smoothie


Just recently I’ve been looking into smoothies as a breakfast alternative. Specifically fat burning smoothies. I used to be a huge fan of them but started having them every morning and was in need of a change.

Fat burning smoothie


I’ve been really watching what I’m eating lately and wanted to make a perfect fat burning smoothie. Something that will get me ready for a morning workout.

Protein, Veggies and so much more. 


Fat Burning Smoothie

Spirulina is something I’ve just recently been introduced to. Its blue-green color is mesmerizing but more importantly, it is filled with nutrients

A powerful body detox that is 60% protein and filled with vitamins. It is also something that kills candida. Something the vast majority of people in Westernized populations have considering all the toxins in our everyday foods.

Thus, spirulina promotes healthy bacteria in the gut.

Spirulina is everything



Spirulina is known for its ability to boost energy in your system and help burn fat throughout the day. In other words, this is the best thing ever to put in your smoothies! 

It takes more energy to burn Spirulina thus promotes weight loss. It also can curb hunger and hence, helps cut your cravings. 

According to Dr. Axe, it has 600% more protein than tofu. Who would have known?

Fat burning smoothie

Pea protein?

Something new I’ve decided to try out. Found a cheap bag full in the health store down the street. 

It is known as the ‘non-dairy muscle builder’

Pea protein is another protein known to aid in weight loss. It is essential in burning fat and also, cuts cravings, just like spirulina. 

Pea protein and Spirulina are the perfect combinations for those vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free goers. 

It’s filled with protein and all the nutrients your body needs to start burning fat. 

Fat burning smoothie

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Did you get the chance to try out the smoothie? If so, comment down below. I love hearing your feedback. 


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