13 September 2017

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries with Spicy Honey Mayo dressing

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Sweet Potato Fries, Yum!


sweet potato

Back when I was little, the taste of a sweet potato was my biggest nightmare. I never liked them. For some reason, the sweet taste wasn’t for me. Whether crispy or soft, I couldn’t handle them. I was spitting them out and getting in trouble for wasting food all at the same time! Ha!

Now I cannot get enough! Funny how taste buds change as you get older. 

For example, if I’m out at a restaurant, I am forcing myself not to buy the appetizer sweet potatoes. I love them!

Recently, I’ve started baking them at home and really find they taste better. I have unfortunately not mastered the whole “cutting the sweet potato in a ‘fry’ like shape” but they taste great anyway! 

I love a crispy sweet potato, almost a little over cooked. Many people don’t like them this way but I’ve always been a fan of burnt food. (So weird, I know.. Burnt marshmallows, burnt muffins.. the list goes on.)

The cooking instructions in the recipe I’ve included down below is your usual method of cooking sweet potatoes. A.k.a. the non-burnt way. 

The Dressing

sweet potato dressing

Back a year ago in Thailand, my love for spicy foods really blossomed. I would eat Chili’s and not even realize it. Spicy food became my everything!

When it comes to sweet potato fries, I find they pair beautifully with spicy dressings but are also great with something sweet. So, I decided to mix things up a little bit and add a little spicy and sweet. 

Honey, mayo, Tobasco and chili flakes? What a combination

If you’re sensitive to the spice, I recommend not putting in any chili flakes. And, if you’re really sensitive, many cut down on the Tobasco. 

But for those of you who are all about kicking things hot with sweet potatoes, then keep the spice as it is. 

spicy mayo

Do you love sweet potatoes? Try out my delicious sweet potato quinoa salad It’s a fun and delicious salad everyone’s gotta try!



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