18 September 2017

My Weekend Getaway: Byron Bay and Nimbin

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Byron Bay

After a couple of slow weeks getting used to the new job up in the Gold Coast, I decided it was time for a weekend trip to somewhere new and exciting. 

I had heard all of the amazing things Byron Bay had to offer. The relaxed atmosphere, the hippie lifestyle and the unbelievable amount of fun. To say I enjoyed my weekend is an understatement.

byron bay

Some say Byron is too busy but I personally thought it was just right.

I always try to remind people. When traveling, the people you meet in the places you go will really affect your overall opinion of the city or town. 

Of course, you can still enjoy any location regardless if you meet great people or not.

Yet, there is truly something special when you connect with strangers and grow to love a city not just because the city is great, but because you’re enjoying the great city with even greater people.  

The second I walked into my hostel room, I became automatic friends with my roommates. Eight people slept in the room which for some can seem like a lot but for me, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people. 

Where did I stay?

I stayed at the Aquarius Backpackers Resort. This is one of the hostels I highly recommend. 

The things I liked best about the hostel were

  • The location was great.
    • A five-minute walk to the beach.
    • All the bars, restaurants, clubs and shopping were just around the corner.
    • Everything was in walking distance!
  • There was a restaurant and cafe attached to the hostel where you could get a small discount at any time!
  • FREE dinner every night! 
    • Did someone say free?
  • The staff were really friendly and accommodating. 
    • If you know me, you probably know that I’m someone who tends to ask a lot of questions. Though I wouldn’t consider myself a complete high maintenance person, I definitely like to be informed.
      The staff were more than happy to help me out with any questions I had on Byron bay and provided me with a map on arrival.


Byron Bay Cafe

                                The Rocks at Aquarius attached to the hostel


Where to party?

All around, I found the social scene in Byron bay amazing. Another great thing about this place is there is constantly somewhere to party. 

Though I was only in the city for the weekend, I got a taste of the nightlife and had some fun. 

Here are some of the top places to go to:

  • Cheeky Monkey’s
    Fun theme nights with more of a club atmosphere. Also a restaurant during the day.
  • Woody’s
    Another great nightclub/bar with a great surfboard theme.
  • The Beach Hotel 
    A great place right by the beach for some great music, dancing, and some drinks!
  • The Northern
    Great place with some live music and different bar sections for drinks and food.


Where to eat?

Yum byron bay

Photo was taken at Folk by my wonderful roommate Orli.

  • Folk 
  • Bay kebabs 
    Yes, I’m including my delicious 2 am drunk food.
  • Leaf and Grain Cafe
  • Succulent Cafe
  • The Rocks at Aquarius

Byron Bay


Top things to do in Byron Bay?

  • Byron Bay Lighthouse

Out of all the attractions in Byron Bay, I believe this is the biggest one. There are two ways of getting to the lighthouse.

One, is by doing the usual ‘follow the road’ up to the lighthouse. This is a great way to walk to the lighthouse. You get to see the mountains and water side through the Arakwalk National Park but, it is not as much of a hike. 

Second, is by going all the way along the beach and taking a small hiking path through another side beach and going up behind the lighthouse. This way is definitely more difficult but the walk is more enjoyable. 

Byron bay lighthouse

Byron Bay Lighthouse

  • Check out the shops! 

If you’re into shopping you’re going to love all the vintage shops around town. There are plenty! I can’t say they are the cheapest but if you have a little extra cash or enjoy window shopping, these are the best shops to go through.

  • Go Skydiving.

Obviously not for everybody but there is some of the best skydiving in Byron if you’re interested.

  • Go kayaking or surfing.

Though I didn’t get to test it out myself, many (I mean many) people go kayaking. There is a beautiful waterfront area and going kayaking would be beautiful.

Of course, surfing. There are tons of surf shops and surfing schools around Byron Bay. You can check a good place out right here.

  • Go to NIMBIN

The ultimate ‘hippie’ town of Australia. I was surprised at how small this town really was. Just a couple small streets that connect together.

Nimbin, NSW


The Peace and Love March in Nimbin.

The atmosphere was light, non-judgemental, and relaxed. The type of place where you don’t wear shoes, bra’s or even anything if you really wanted to! This is the hippie capital of Australia. 

If you have the time, I highly recommend renting out a car for the day.  

There are tarot readings on the grass, people playing the guitar everywhere and overall, a state of calm. I was lucky enough to go on the weekend of the Peace and Love March.

A group of people came together with signs and walked up and down the main street of Nimbin and sang. (Check photo above)

The views on the drive up are also really quite beautiful. 


Hope you’ve enjoyed a small preview on my weekend away to Byron Bay. Make sure to check out more about Australia HERE.


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