4 September 2017

The Best Dairy and Gluten free Birthday Cake

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There is nothing harder than finding a good cake that is both, dairy and gluten free. For all of you with allergies, finding the best cake is like pulling teeth. It can look similar but when it comes to taste, it usually fails. I really had to test some things out to make sure my cake would taste as hoped!

dairy and gluten free cake

I added a strawberry vanilla filled middle to my cake.

Dairy free cakes are usually easier to make than gluten free… Here’s why

These days, there are so many dairy free options. Between almond, soy, coconut milk and dairy replacements it’s much easier to bake dairy free and have it taste good.

To bake a good cake (for example) gluten free, many of the substitutes end up being hard to chew. Almost like rubber tasting. 

Though I’m able to eat gluten, I would rather stay away from it. So, I’ve started baking with coconut flour hoping to add a similar taste.

The coconut flour is wonderful to bake with. I’ve always really enjoyed my baking when it contains this flour. My favorite coconut flour that I use is the Anthony’s Organic Coconut Flour. You can get it by clicking this link  Anthony’s Organic Coconut Flour (4lb) Gluten Free & Non-GMO

Yet, coconut can be tricky for some people. Some find it such a strong taste that coconut is all they taste when eating it. You must definitely get used to the taste of coconut flour because it isn’t the same taste as regular gluten-free options

On the other hand, coconut flour is really easy to ‘hide’ in foods. There is a mild coconut taste but it becomes very subtle after a couple bites. 

The reason why this is actually a good thing is that flours that are “gluten-free” tend to be filled with sugars and processed additives. They are almost always worse for you than your average gluten filled flours. 


‘Does not contain gluten’ is better than ‘gluten free’.

Now with everyone wanting to cut out gluten, you’re starting to see a huge rise of signs that say gluten free

I saw in the grocery store a tag that said gluten free on a cupcake mix. I decided to read it. It was filled with high sugar substitutes that are actually much worse for you than gluten! (Unless you’re allergic to gluten).

But, if you’re someone who just wants to stay away from gluten for health reasons this is a horrible alternative.

Many people aren’t educated when it comes to gluten. They will buy anything just because it says gluten free.

I have seen people go crazy and buy rice crackers because it says gluten free.

Uh, well. It’s a rice cracker. It was and always will be gluten free. It’s made out of rice. And that right there is the real difference when it comes to gluten free products. Rice crackers do not contain gluten. 

And though it is great to put up tags that say ‘gluten free’ for those who aren’t knowledgeable on gluten. It would be much better to put something that says ‘does not contain gluten’ instead. 

Maybe it’s a marketing scheme who knows? 

I have just found many ‘gluten free’ options, especially when it comes to baking, very high in sugar and not good for your system whatsoever. 

Onto the cake

It really was a delicious and moist cake. Everyone was a fan!

I made double of this recipe to create a double layer cake and it worked beautifully. I added a vanilla frosting and sliced strawberries for the center.

It really enhanced the taste of the cake and I recommend doing this if you’re making a birthday cake. two sides of cake

The recipe only makes one small flat serving and if you’re wanting a bigger cake, I highly recommend making two.

Because of the coconut flour, the cakes don’t rise like ‘regular’ cakes do. *See pictures down below*

I would say they barely rise at all. So when placing them into the baking tray, that is the size they will be.

They do slightly rise maybe a little and round in shape. This is why I take a knife and make the top part perfectly flat.

This is important when stacking the cakes together when creating a double layer cake. It helps seal the cakes together.


I really loved this cake! The frosting was great and I’m debating making a post on how I made it but it does contain a lot of sugar. I promised myself I wouldn’t post many sugar filled recipes but this cake was a must. 

The maple syrup and coconut oil really help moisten the cake and definitely create a delicious texture. 

Note: When using Coconut Oil, make sure you are using a completely organic or reputable brand. A lot of coconut oils are filled with preservatives and have had the nutrients steamed out and they aren’t good for you. By making sure you have a good brand (you can do the research online to make sure it hasn’t been overcooked or had its goodness taken out of it) you’re ensuring you are getting all the benefits from your coconut oil.

Here is an amazing brand that I use myself. It is a reputable company and is a registered organic product. Island Fresh Superior Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 54 Ounce

How could I not include this delicious cake in my recipes?

This cake could easily be turned into cupcakes as well.

Another one of my delicious gluten and dairy free recipes are my awesome lemon honey muffins. They are a must try! Click here to get the recipe. 

I’m extremely happy with the way that this cake turned out. 

It was the perfect texture and really tasted great. If you enjoyed this post please let me know in the comment section down below. Also, if you’re interested in the dairy free icing, comment down below! 

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    GF cake looks wonderful!! Thank you so much for providing this amazing recipe!????. May I please have the dairy-free icing recipe?

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    I’d love to have the dairy free icing recipe!

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