18 July 2017

Lemon Honey Muffins (GF + DF !!)

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As per usual, last Friday I spent the day scanning through Pinterest and google trying to find myself a coconut flour recipe that I could use to make some delicious muffins.

I have just recently decided to give coconut flour a try again after constantly failing whenever baking with it. For some reason, whatever I would bake with coconut flour, it would end up crumblings apart.

I don’t know if I was using too little or too much, or maybe needed to add some more sugar or something else to hold it together – regardless it wasn’t working.

My mom, I swear, is a cooking and baking master and whatever she tries to create and make always seems to just work out perfectly for her so, I’m hoping that’s in the genes and eventually, all my baking and cooking will just happen to come out perfectly! (ha..ha…*sigh*)

So after scanning through the internet for what felt like 5 minutes but was probably a couple hours (or 5..) I stumbled on this awesome recipe by Meghann (Simple green moms) and decided to test it out.

In the photos she’s provided, there is this delicious glaze over the muffins but unfortunately, no recipe to go along with it.

I was going to test out some icing sugar and create my own, but I have been trying to cut down on the amount of sugar that I’m eating so I decided to pass on that, but I am thinking of trying to create a glaze that is low sugar and somewhat healthier, so stay tuned for that!

Lemon honey muffins

Baking with coconut flour can be so difficult because if you’re not used to the taste of coconut, it is usually the first thing you taste and people tend to prefer the gluten filled all purpose flour (of course)!

Yet, I am determined to start making some recipes with coconut flour that picky eater’s won’t be able to tell apart.

Unfortunately, as I said before, it does tend to fall and crumble apart easily but is such a healthy alternative especially for people who can’t digest gluten.

I personally don’t find that gluten affects me but I definitely see how it affects my weight. When I had cut out gluten a couple years ago in my fourth-year University, I found a dramatic difference in my waistline.

I usually gain weight in my waist whenever I’m not eating properly and I found that, though I was still eating delicious foods with carbs (coconut flour, potatoes etc..) my waist seemed to be a lot smaller and I wasn’t bloated like I usually was.

While traveling, keeping up with a gluten free lifestyle can be expensive and very difficult. A lot of countries in the world especially rural towns, usually don’t have any gluten free options. So the past year and a half of my life, I’ve really been eating a lot more gluten and though I can’t really feel a huge difference, I can definitely see it in my waistline.

Now that I’m a little bit more settled in Sydney and have been living at the same place for a couple of months now, I have found it a lot easier to keep away from the gluten. Hence, these delicious muffins I made to kick away any unhealthy cravings I get.

You may look at these muffins and think that they are a little burnt, or slightly over cooked but I personally love them this way.

I find that baking them 5 minutes over time really helps keep the coconut flour in place and less crumbling occurs.
I also find the exterior to have a harder ‘shell’ (if you can call it that..?) and when biting into it, the soft middle really just melts in your mouth.

I absolutely loved these muffins and had to share the recipe. I made them slightly different than Meghann but nonetheless, found them absolutely to die for!

If you got the chance to make these muffins, throw me a comment in the box below on how you liked them! Would you change anything? Add anything else?
let me know. xx

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