19 May 2017

Maple Spice Salmon Salad Recipe

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The perfect combination of healthy and sweet


After spending hours online trying to find the perfect salad to make for my lunch, I finally gave up. On a beautiful Tuesday morning, I decided to give it up and create something with whatever I had in my pantry.

To my surprise, it turned out beautifully!

There is nothing I love more than maple syrup (eh ?..) and walnuts and thought, what better than to throw this mix into a salad.

Voila, my Maple Spice Salmon Salad! 

I’ve really been trying to focus on creating recipes that taste great and are on the healthier side.

Since I first started traveling I have found it very difficult to eat healthy all the time.

Between the drinking and trying out new foods from different cultures, it feels impossible. I have found myself gravitating towards unhealthy meals that end up making me feel dull and exhausted by the end of the day.

maple spice salmon salad


So, once I found all of these healthy ingredients in my cupboards I knew it would be the perfect salad that would help eliminate my sugar cravings.


I don’t know if I’m part of the norm but I personally find myself wanting something sweet around lunch time. So, I found by adding maple syrup into the dressing it really helps feed my need for sweets.

While creating the salad dressing, I really had no idea where to start. I wanted something healthy but with an added kick and something different than the usual ‘olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic’ combo.

Indeed, I decided to stick with the olive oil as it’s a great base for a dressing. Yet,  since I’m such a maple syrup fan I thought why not switch it up and add that in as a base ingredient as well.

Maple syrup really tastes great in anything! 

A view of the dressing for the Maple Spice Salmon Salad.



Pepper really is great for dressings, so while making this recipe I added a bit more than usual just to spice it up a bit.

So, if you’re a fan try adding in a little more than usual and see how you find it tastes in the dressing.

I also found it was a perfect combination; pepper and maple syrup, surprisingly.

I really made sure to chop up the broccoli nice and small. I find it mixes throughout the salad much better and the dressing gets nicely soaked into the small pieces and adds a better taste.


A bowl filled with veggies before mixing the ingredients together.

The salmon was absolutely delicious and honestly, probably my favorite part.

I found with a small amount of maple syrup spread along the top, it gave my salmon a delicious coating. But thankfully not too much to make the salad a ‘maple syrup overload’!

I used a dash of Himalayan salt and pepper to taste and put a small amount of coconut oil under the salmon so it wouldn’t stick to the tray.

Before cooking the Salmon, I have added some pepper.

I’m a huge walnut fan but can’t really handle them dry. My favorite combination (ever!) is chocolate and walnuts but unfortunately, that doesn’t fall under the ‘healthy‘ category and wouldn’t taste too great in a salad.

So, I was going to sprinkle salt on the walnuts but thought that’s been done too many times before so why not really help my sugar craving and drench them with maple syrup.

Mmmmm… those walnuts tasted delicious!

Another idea is to add a sprinkle of salt on the walnuts after drenching them in maple syrup if you fancy a salty/sweet taste.

Glazing the walnuts with Maple Syrup.

Hopefully, this salad is a great combination of healthy and naturally sweet for you.

Please let me know how you find the dressing and the veggie combination. Or other combinations you were able to come up with!

I love hearing your opinions and feedback on some of the things I’ve been able to create in my spare time.

Happy eating!

Final Result from the Maple Spice Salmon Salad.


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