15 September 2017

The Ultimate Greens Detox Smoothie

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 Filled with greens detox smoothie

detox smoothie

I have wanted to create a perfect detox smoothie that would taste good and also help detox the body. So, a smoothie that could be used during any detox.

If you haven’t heard of the candida cleanse or candida diet, I strongly recommend clicking here and checking it out.


After my first-year University, I found out I had candida overgrowth and my digestive system was finished. My ph levels were completely out of whack and my liver was starting to look pretty unhealthy. 

One full year of drinking and eating unhealthy foods will surely do that to you.

I read up on the cleanse and the diet and cut out all the bad foods immediately, cold turkey.


detox smoothie

The first week was deadly.

In the mornings, I would wake up with a migraine. Sometimes it would last all day. I would break out into sweats and had the worst mood swings. The worst about it all is that I couldn’t sleep. At night, I would wake up and feel worse than ever. 

A part of me was wondering if the cleanse was actually working. My body was reacting in a way it had never reacted before. 

Once the first week was complete, I started feeling better. It was obviously still hard but it was getting better. 

After a week and a half, I felt like a completely new person. I remember being able to hear better, see better. Overall, I just felt better. 

During those first two weeks of the cleanse, this is the smoothie that I made myself. It helped feel better and push through this difficult cleanse. 

Whether you’re about to do the candida cleanse or another detox diet, this is a wonderful smoothie to make. 

You can make double portions and save it in the fridge for a later day. It helps fight the cravings and helps you feel revived and fresh. 

I’m not currently on a cleanse or a detox but still wake up in the morning and make this smoothie. It really helps me start my day off on the right foot. 

If you’re interested in another smoothie that is great to have during a detox, check this one out here. 

Here is one of my favorite spirulina powders. It’s a great price from a trusted brand and is filled with nutrients. 

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