11 September 2017

The Best Morning Skinny Smoothie Everyone Needs to Try

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The perfect morning skinny fruit bowl to help you begin your weight loss journey. 

weight loss bowl

This is the perfect morning weight loss smoothie bowl. Filled with fruit, protein, and flax seed to help feed your body.  

Low carb bowl perfect to jump start your metabolism in the morning and take in your daily fruit serving. 

Skinny Weight Loss Smoothie


I can’t lie when I say I have been in love with the look of acai bowls. Unfortunately, I am not a complete fan. They are filled with sugar and aren’t really healthy for you at all. 

I mean, if you’re craving McDonald’s for example, then, of course, get the acai bowl. 


skinny smoothie

But, in all honesty, I try to stay away from acai bowls in general.

While in Bali, every day my go to was an acai bowl. Morning, lunch, dinner – acai bowl. After a couple weeks in Bali, I weighed myself and realized that I had actually gained quite a lot of weight. I was retaining a lot of water and my stomach looked bloated. 

I wasn’t feeling like myself. The acai bowls were really delicious but for someone who gains weight quite easily, this was a food I was going to have to avoid. 


Many people get confused. Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s going to help you lose weight. Also, just because it says dairy-free or gluten-free, does it mean it’s healthy. 

Here I decided to pull off an acai bowl look to complete the morning smoothie. Though there are no bananas in the smoothie, I thought adding them on top would be a beautiful touch. 

Recently, I’ve been raving on and on about smoothies, all over my Instagram. I am a huge fan. I’ve posted one delicious one recently that has helped me get healthy and burn fat! 

 Make sure to check out my Fat Burning Smoothie

weight loss smoothie bowl

Smoothies are really easy to make in the morning. 5 minutes and you’re done! So if you’re busy working and have a million things on your plate, they are perfect. 

Lately between my move to the gold coast and getting settled into new jobs, I don’t have time to make extravagant recipes that take hours to cook and prepare. Where now, I have 5-10 minutes and that’s all.  


I hope that this smoothie is delicious and takes that 5 minutes that you have in the morning. It is a perfect smoothie for weight loss and is what your body craves in the morning. 


Interest in more recipes? Make a comment down below. I love hearing your feedback!


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