28 August 2017

Healthy Low Carb Vegan Buddha Bowl

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Yesterday morning I was trying to create a quick Buddha bowl that was going to fulfill the ‘complete meal‘ requirements.

When making something vegan and dairy-free, it can be extremely difficult to ensure it is a complete meal.

I wanted a delicious recipe that wasn’t going to taste like other Buddha bowls and that would also be vegan. I’m not a full vegan (yet) as I’m traveling Australia and find it difficult to organize and configure all the meals while away. I have read an amazing book filled with great recipes that has helped me begin my (attempted) vegan journey. Vegan Cookbook for Beginners: The Essential Vegan Cookbook to Get Started The great thing about this book is that it’s filled with recipes and isn’t too expensive either!


tahini dressing with buddha bowl


So, this amazing healthy low carb, vegan Buddha bowl was created!


It tastes fantastic, looks great and can easily be made for a lunch or dinner. Whenever I create Buddha bowls, I always make sure I store some of the ingredients to create another Buddha Bowl later.

If you’re wanting to get into a healthy eating regimen, it is extremely important to make some foods in bulk and store them for later.


This is why I love quinoa.


Berry Good - Organic Acai Powder


If you’re not the biggest quinoa fan but are interested in some kind of a Buddha bowl. Try making a smoothie bowl with this Berry Good Acai Powder.It’s honestly one of the most delicious things I have ever tried. Try this amazing strawberry ginger detox smoothie for a base with the berry good acai powder, then throw some fruit on top. Tada! there you have yourself an amazing vegan fruit Buddha bowl!





buddha bowl

Why is quinoa so important for a healthy diet?


Quinoa is another food that is naturally gluten-free.
My favorite quinoa is the Kirkland Signature Organic Gluten-Free Quinoa from Andean Farmers to your Table – 2.04kg., 4.5lb .


Though many believe it to be a grain, it is in fact, a seed. Overall, quinoa is one of the worlds most nutritious foods.

It filled with vitamins, minerals, iron, magnesium, and plenty of protein. It is much healthier than rice and can also be substituted for meats if you’re vegan.


I was never the biggest quinoa fan until university.

I had this one particular Professor who would go on and on about how fantastic quinoa was. She would tell us it can be mixed in with practically everything and it tastes great. I finally bought some and started experimenting with it.


It was amazing.


I would cook about 1 – 2 cups of (uncooked) quinoa and store it for the week. Some of my favorites I would make were stir fry’s, vegan quinoa burger “meats”, quinoa protein balls… everything!


It felt as though it had cut my time in half for meal preps. I would cook it, then store it. Making food became the least of my worries.

Now, I use quinoa in so many of my meals like this Buddha bowl. I could have put rice or anything else but considering, I was going for a meatless meal, quinoa is always the way to go!


Why choose Buddha bowls? 


buddha bowl


As I just mentioned above, Buddha bowls are great if you’re trying to cut your meal prep time and eat healthily.


Though cooking up vegetables and quinoa can feel time-consuming, it is the most beneficial way to maintain your health. Also, all of this Buddha bowl food preparation can be done within one hour.


Cut your vegetables up and place them raw in a plastic container. You can practically cut up any fresh veggies and store them in the fridge for later.

It is easy to throw raw veggies into your Buddha bowl if you’re hoping to create a raw bowl. Or, you can sautee or roast your veggies easily when they are pre cooked.


As previously mentioned, it is best to cook at least 1 to 2 cups of dry quinoa and store in the fridge for the rest of the week.

If you’re going to make quinoa one of your main sources of protein then it is good to have enough easily on hand.


Buddha bowls are such a great way to keep healthy and maintain a good ‘food prep’ regimen. 

The problem with Buddha Bowls…


buddha bowl


I can’t say there are too many problems with Buddha Bowls but over the past few years, there is something quite prominent I’ve seen start happen.



Many restaurants have started sweetening their Buddha bowls. Adding sugary sauces, fried and greasy potatoes into their bowls to make them ‘taste better’ to the public.


It is aggravating since these bowls were created so that people could easily throw together a delicious meal that was healthy right in the comfort of their own home.

Now that the Buddha bowls are becoming popular people are making them unhealthy… It doesn’t fully make sense to me but it’s something I’ve seen over the past years.


Whenever I make my bowls, whether a raw or cooked bowl, I always make sure I stick to a refined sugar and dairy free bowl. One that I know will nutritiously benefit me.


Nevertheless, these bowls are a great creation. Yet, it is important we do not neglect the health component with these bowls.

Quick, easy bowls thrown together to make healthy living an easy choice. 

Click here for the recipe for my Honey Turmeric Tahini dressing used in this recipe!

Did you get the chance to try out the recipe? What did you think? 
Leave a comment down below to let me know! 


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