24 October 2017

The Perfect Fall Sugar Free Roasted Pumpkin Soup

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Pumpkin Soup Season is Here!!


Pumpkin Soup

Australian Pumpkins


This October I was really hoping to get all my recipes into full Thanksgiving/ Halloween and fall spirit. Unfortunately, this month turned out to be beyond hectic and with a change of job, too crazy for me to really focus on. 

That being said… I knew it was time for something healthy, delicious and perfect for October

So, I decided on a pumpkin soup




This was my first time making a pumpkin soup (especially with this sort of pumpkin). Funny enough, but in Australia, these are the ‘normal’ kinds of pumpkins.

Where back at home, I believe this is more of a pumpkin squash and the usual ‘Halloween’ pumpkins are more popular. 

Anyhow, this pumpkin worked great


Pumpkin soup


Other forms of pumpkins that would work well for pumpkin soups are:


  • Golden Nugget 
    Best for roasted pumpkin soups. This would work well with this recipe!
  • Butternut Pumpkin
    Perfect for roasted or regular pumpkin soup.This will give your soup a nutty base flavour. Probably one of the most popular pumpkins for pumpkin soup!
  • Buttercup Pumpkin
    The colour of your soup won’t be as dark and orange but it is still a favourite for pumpkin soups. This is perfect for a cream based pumpkin soup.
  • Kabocha (Type of pumpkin I used) – known as Japanese pumpkin in North America.
    This is the sort of pumpkin I used and found it worked great. Easy to roast and delicious for a soup base. I highly recommend this soup! Also, gives your soup a perfect orange colour


Pumpkin Soup

Most importantly…

My momma always told me, roasting your veggies before mixing your ingredients together gives you the most delicious soup.

Roasting your veggies helps bring out the taste of the veggies you use. Especially, pumpkin.

It really adds a sweetness to your soup without adding any additional sugars or sweeteners.

This step is really up to you but if you want a naturally sweet pumpkin soup, this step is essential.

Unfortunately, roasting your veggies does take time. It isn’t an easy process but it is a step that will definitely pay off and get all your guest Ouu‘-ing and ‘Ahh’-ing at the delicious pumpkin soup you’ve made!


pumpkin soup


If you’re keen on roasting your veggies beforehand, make sure to read these next few steps!


1. Set your oven to 400° F (205° C).  

If you set your temperature any higher than this, your veggies will become too crispy. Crispy veggies mean difficult to mix and less sweet of a taste.

Of course, crispy veggies are great as a side dish but when roasting veggies for soup, the less crispy the better!

2. Oil with caution.

Cover your veggies up with the least amount of oil as possible. (I used extra virgin olive oil).

Make sure they are lightly covered with oil and no more. If you over oil your veggies the oil will get into your soup and you risk the chance of having an ‘oily’ soup – yuck!

3. Parchment Paper is a MUST!


I always use parchment paper (baking paper) when roasting anything but it is especially important when you’re pre-roasting for a soup.

If you don’t use it and decide to grease up the bottom of the pan you’re likely going to end up with an oily soup.

Again, like I mentioned above, you want to use as little of oil as possible.

Oily soup is a failed soup. 

Another reason to use parchment paper is that the veggies won’t stick. You don’t want to lose half your veggies all because they’ve stuck to your pan!

Parchment paper is a must. 


Did you get the chance to try out this pumpkin soup? Let me know how it worked for you, down below! 

pumpkin soup


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