22 September 2017

Quick and Easy 5 minute Sesame Olive Hummus

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Sesame Olive Hummus?

Yum, let’s get started.

For years, I have been turning to hummus as a dipping alternative with my veggies. Considering I can’t have dairy, it’s difficult finding something that is healthy and affordable. 

Hummus is great. It’s delicious, healthy and comes in so many flavours. 

Sesame Olive Hummus


If you’re new to my blog, you probably don’t know this but… I’m an olive fanatic.

 Green, black and all the colours in between. I love olives! 

Back when I was living in Sydney, the woman I was working for brought out this delicious olive hummus dip on a wine night in. It was to die for!

Since then, I’ve been looking around everywhere for a similar recipe. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find anything quite like it so I decided instead, to make my own! 


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Preparation of the hummus

Let’s Make This Hummus!

I know it’s quite popular to use a food processor when making hummus. But for starters, I don’t own one and you really don’t need one to make hummus. 

I used a blender

The blender I’ve used is a pretty good heavy duty blender that has a thick blade and can mix at various speeds. 

Though I haven’t tried it out, I’m sure any regular blender would be able to do the trick! These aren’t any crazy difficult ingredients to mix up so you should be fine. Plus, sesame seeds are best blended in a blender rather than a food processor. 

Sesame Olive Hummus


Like I’ve said, this recipe took me 5 minutes to make and makes about a cup worth. It is delicious and so easy to make for those busy workers out there.

There really is nothing worse than having to work crazy hours (or take care of kids) and try to make healthy foods that take forever!

Thanks again for coming to check out my recipe! If you got the chance to try it, comment down below.


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