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Fat burning smoothie

The Ultimate fat burning smoothie   Just recently I’ve been looking into smoothies as a breakfast alternative. Specifically fat burning smoothies. I used to be a huge fan of them but started having them every morning and was in need of a change.   I’ve been really watching what I’m eating lately and wanted to make […]

8 September 2017

The Perfect Morning Fat Burning Smoothie

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Honey Ginger Chicken Salad

What better than a delicious Honey Ginger Chicken Salad?    This chicken salad is filled with everything your body needs. From ginger, honey, ground flax seeds and coriander, this is the perfect salad for any diet.  I have been really sick of the typical ‘healthy‘ salad dressings that have no flavour and no spice in […]

6 September 2017

400 Calorie Honey Ginger Chicken Salad

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dairy and gluten free cake

There is nothing harder than finding a good cake that is both, dairy and gluten free. For all of you with allergies, finding the best cake is like pulling teeth. It can look similar but when it comes to taste, it usually fails. I really had to test some things out to make sure my cake […]

4 September 2017

The Best Dairy and Gluten free Birthday Cake

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Quinoa Salad

It seems as though everything I have been making lately involves quinoa. There was a huge bag for sale at the health food store down the street so don’t be surprised if my next couple of recipes involve quinoa.  This quinoa salad was made on a whim but I’m so happy I decided to go […]

1 September 2017

Strawberry Peach Quinoa Salad

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creamy avocado salad dressing

This is the creamiest, most delicious home made Avocado Lime Salad Dressing! Quick and easy to make, it is the perfect dressing for a veggie platter or a salad. Did someone say dairy free dressing? After days of trying to put together a creamy salad dressing that was dairy free and refined sugar-free, I have […]

30 August 2017

Creamy Avocado Lime Salad Dressing

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tahini dressing

Here is my Honey (or syrup) Turmeric Tahini dressing I used for my Low carb Vegan Buddha bowl.  Sauces and dressings have been particularly my thing lately. From chicken marinades to salad dressings, I have constantly been trying new mixtures out and to be frank, I am loving it.  The syrup added a particular sweetness […]

29 August 2017

Delicious Honey Turmeric Tahini Dressing

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Yesterday morning I was trying to create a quick Buddha bowl that was going to fulfill the ‘complete meal‘ requirements. When making something vegan and dairy-free, it can be extremely difficult to ensure it is a complete meal. I wanted a delicious recipe that wasn’t going to taste like other Buddha bowls and that would […]

28 August 2017

Healthy Low Carb Vegan Buddha Bowl

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What is better than a detox? A vegetable soup detox, duh! (Slow clap) No actually. This vegetable detox soup is really one of the best I’ve ever tried and created. This detox soup is filled with everything that your body needs when cleansing. Kale, celery, turmeric, red onion, ginger etc. It is also perfect to jump […]

25 August 2017

Cleansing Detox Vegetable Soup

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What’s the hardest part of eating dairy free? It seems to me that all dairy free substitutes are filled with sugar, sodium and are SO high in calories.  Why?   Well, dairy free products are made to have a similar taste to dairy but end up failing health wise. I usually find they don’t taste […]

23 August 2017

5 Healthy Dairy-Free Dinners Under 350 Calories

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